SynApp2 – Version 0.1.5 Alpha Released

The report download/export feature is the hot news for the SynApp2 version 0.1.5 release. Combined with numerous timesaving capabilities SynApp2 automatically builds into your applications, the benefits are just too good to ignore.

Having a free open source web application generator at the tip of your finger is valuable. You can save hours of effort – over and over again. Use SynApp2 along with your database administration tools to streamline routine maintenance tasks.

Get new projects off the ground in a hurry. Don’t wait weeks or months to begin collecting and benefiting from organized data for an important project. Design a database and get application software in front of users fast – really fast. Get feedback and make changes as you go along. Put the principles of Agile Development to work.

Just do it! Download the distribution you need. Check out the release notes, install it and go.

– Richard

About Richard Howell

Richard is the creator of SynApp2 and founder of
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