SynApp2 – Version 0.1.4 Alpha Released

The release of SynApp2 version 0.1.4 is big. Lots of powerful functionality has been brought to the surface with new interactive features to manage display options and attributes of form fields and report columns. You can call upon formatting functions that are built-in, or ones you define. Records searching and beautiful tabular reports, in Adobe® PDF format and integrated with Adobe Reader®, are effortlessly produced.

SynApp2 makes for such a quick turn between a database design and a neatly tailored web application, that it’s almost hard to believe.

Take a look at SynApp2 Walk through No. 1 – Generating and using a web application. The guide presents a front to back, step-by-step example of how to apply the web application generator and then work with the completed application. It’s a must-read for developers and users of SynApp2 powered web apps.

Don’t wait any longer. Visit the downloads page to get the distribution you need. Check out the release notes, install it and go.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

– Richard

About Richard Howell

Richard is the creator of SynApp2 and founder of
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