SynApp2 – Version 0.1.6 Alpha Released

Put the power of custom generated web applications to work. Pair up your database designs with matching software in the shortest time possible. Interactively manage data and produce tabular PDF reports with amazingly little effort.

When you need more power, custom validation and processing functions are easily integrated. You can do what you need to do. Pump out dynamic GUI elements and content, or crunch data. You can do it with SynApp2 powered web applications. Feature access is fully managed, based on user login. SynApp2 handles the details, while you focus on the mission.

SynApp2 and the generated applications work with popular browsers – even smart phones. The way applications and reports are presented on the Apple iPhone (or iPod touch) is just too cool.

If you work with databases, you’ll find value. Get moving with SynApp2 today.

– Richard

About Richard Howell

Richard is the creator of SynApp2 and founder of
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