For Educators, Students and IT Professionals – SynApp2 is the Ticket

Educators and students can make great use of SynApp2, a software tool that lets you interactively work with even complex relational databases, just seconds after you create or alter the design. You’ll gain a valuable perspective when you can manipulate data from a web application, custom made around your design. It’s dramatically different than trying to figure out what database design is all about by struggling at a command line prompt.

SynApp2 is a must-have for IT professionals because it works hand-in-hand with your existing database tools, adding a powerful dimension to your resources.

SynApp2 does –

  • More than an admin tool or file manager, by considering table relations as a cohesive whole that drives the generation of a complete application that smoothly integrates your entire database design
  • Automatic creation of pages with forms used to insert, update and search records
  • Validation and constraint checking with detailed feedback and management of corrective action
  • Automatic production and formatting of PDF reports, joining elements from multiple tables
  • Synthesis of complete, easily deployable web applications with logical page flow and navigation
  • User authentication and access control over applications, forms, reports and record subsets

Everything SynApp2 does can be customized, enhanced and extended. An exceptional degree of code reuse keeps everything very small and light weight. The number of details SynApp2 handles for you is extraordinary, and that will free you to do more with less effort.

SynApp2 is free and it’s open source, so you can see how it works. There is a remarkable SQL generator that you can use to understand complex, multi-table queries. Explore the inner-workings of complete web applications that use Web 2.0 techniques with popular technologies such as (X)HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML and PHP. Learn about seamlessly interfacing with different database engines, such as MySQL and Oracle. If you’re teaching or learning about database design or web development, SynApp2 offers a wealth of practical patterns and techniques to study.

Routine, interactive manipulation of records is easy and natural with SynApp2. You’ll find it to be an indispensable complement to a wonderful tool like phpMyAdmin for MySQL. SynApp2 also works in harmony with, and compares favorably to, offerings supported by the Oracle Application Server environment, such as Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. And — I’ll just go ahead and say it — SynApp2 is considerably slicker and more capable than the Application Builder that ships with Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. If you’re using any of these tools, be sure you take a look at SynApp2.

SynApp2 is safe and compatible, so you don’t have to give up anything to use it. Take moment to Download SynApp2 and get it working for you.

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