SynApp2 – Version 1.8.0 (Beta 2) Released!

Find out how much time you could save by letting SynApp2 handle the details of creating distributed web applications for you. Give your head a rest and your schedule a boost. Roll out a working application as soon as you have the first-cut of your database design.

All of the traditional details and decisions that go with designing and implementing professional web applications are neatly managed – automatically. With a few clicks, you can jump immediately to validating your database design. You’ll instantly have a platform to insure that your data model fits the process flow and supports the output you need to deliver.

Add any amount of customization using interactive GUI and from your own code. The MVC framework is specially designed to make it fast and easy to extend SynApp2 powered applications, with a minimum of effort.

SynApp2 generates applications that are more than good enough to stand on their own. With features like user authentication and authorization, application navigation, data validation, periodic processing and PDF reports – you can confidently provide them as they are.

If you have additional requirements, it’s important to keep in mind that using SynApp2 is not mutually exclusive. SynApp2 fits right in with whatever you’re doing – somewhat like phpMyAdmin. If you’ve got PHP and MySQL (and/or Oracle, and eventually others) in your stack, then you can easily add SynApp2 – without giving up anything. SynApp2 rolls the way you do.

Life is short – take big steps with SynApp2.

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Create a Web Application With Two Clicks Using SynApp2

A Video Introduction to SynApp2 – Web Application Generator and MVC Framework

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SynApp2 – Version 1.8.0 (Beta 1) Released!

Take the convention over configuration design paradigm to a whole new level with SynApp2. Genuinely complete web applications will simply fall out of your relational database designs. Instantly cut to the chase. Let SynApp2 handle numerous up-front development decisions and details – so you don’t have to.

Point SynApp2 to an instance of your sensibly normalized MySQL database or Oracle schema and – click – you have a web application.

Use the new customization GUI to extend and enhance your apps, taking advantage of the powerful MVC framework. Leverage sophisticated features to manage data within an orchestrated process flow.

SynApp2 has what you need to create custom tailored applications with search, browse, read, edit, add, and delete capabilities. Plus, you’ll have automatic data validation, tabular PDF reports and data export – all on your first turn.

With your applications up and running – create custom handlers for batch processing, two-phase data validation, dynamic GUI and anything else you may need.  The SynApp2 authentication and authorization facilities make quick work of mapping user access to all areas of your applications, with a very flexible, yet practical degree of granularity.

Like modern composite materials, SynApp2 is both ultra-lightweight and very strong. Use SynApp2 by itself or alongside whatever tools and technology you rely on.

SynApp2 is free and open source software.

Contact us at

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SynApp2 – Version 0.1.7 Alpha Released

Generate web apps that feel more like native applications than ever before. The users, who live in the applications you create, will appreciate the mouse and keyboard shortcuts that make everyday work fast and easy. Every page has a consistent flow that will quickly become an efficient and familiar rhythm.

SynApp2 is a full-fledged MVC framework for developing sophisticated solutions. Use the scaffolding, custom data validation, PDF reporting, processing and access management features to build problem solving tools for business. Tremendous savings of design and development time is not only possible – it’s automatic.

Give SynApp2 a chance to work for you. Take advantage of a professional tool for serious work.

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SynApp2 – Version 0.1.6 Alpha Released

Put the power of custom generated web applications to work. Pair up your database designs with matching software in the shortest time possible. Interactively manage data and produce tabular PDF reports with amazingly little effort.

When you need more power, custom validation and processing functions are easily integrated. You can do what you need to do. Pump out dynamic GUI elements and content, or crunch data. You can do it with SynApp2 powered web applications. Feature access is fully managed, based on user login. SynApp2 handles the details, while you focus on the mission.

SynApp2 and the generated applications work with popular browsers – even smart phones. The way applications and reports are presented on the Apple iPhone (or iPod touch) is just too cool.

If you work with databases, you’ll find value. Get moving with SynApp2 today.

– Richard

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SynApp2 – Version 0.1.5 Alpha Released

The report download/export feature is the hot news for the SynApp2 version 0.1.5 release. Combined with numerous timesaving capabilities SynApp2 automatically builds into your applications, the benefits are just too good to ignore.

Having a free open source web application generator at the tip of your finger is valuable. You can save hours of effort – over and over again. Use SynApp2 along with your database administration tools to streamline routine maintenance tasks.

Get new projects off the ground in a hurry. Don’t wait weeks or months to begin collecting and benefiting from organized data for an important project. Design a database and get application software in front of users fast – really fast. Get feedback and make changes as you go along. Put the principles of Agile Development to work.

Just do it! Download the distribution you need. Check out the release notes, install it and go.

– Richard

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