SynApp2 Tutorial – A Human Resources Application for Oracle® Database

Walk through a detailed tutorial that shows exactly how SynApp2 is used to create a seriously advanced web application, complete with PDF reports. Derived from the classic HR database schema, you’ll get a great introduction with a sophisticated example.

A complete setup guide and sample database kit let’s you work through the example yourself.

You can quickly read through everything online. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare your Oracle® Database environment with the sample database using the DDL and SQL scripts supplied with the kit. And, believe it or not, it only takes seconds to generate the first cut of the Human Resources application – the whole thing!

The tutorial goes on to show how a few more minutes of simple interactive customizations add significantly to the already impressive results.

Follow this link SynApp2 Tutorial – A Human Resources Application for Oracle® Database – to browse through the discussion online, or find everything you need to try it yourself.

For Oracle® Application Express (APEX) developers – it’s a must see!

Take a look. It’s cool.

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