SynApp2 – Version 1.8.0 (Beta 3) Released!

In less time than it takes to outline the process of maintaining and sharing your next spreadsheet-based recordkeeping and tracking scheme, you could have a web-based application, precisely tailored to your exact needs. You can bring a SynApp2 powered system online that everyone can use right away – and like it.

Just because, “everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet”, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the quick, easy and cheap – no-brainer – way to manage day-to-day operations. It’s probably costing you much more than you realize. Sizeable amounts of unaccounted for time and expense can relentlessly accumulate, as your staff deals with the real-world logistics of juggling spreadsheets.

And, just because you’ve tried, had or heard of a hyped-up database system that led to heartache or failure – don’t let that paralyze you. Break free with SynApp2 – Web Application Generator and MVC Framework.

SynApp2 succeeds where big, complicated commercial solutions so often fall short. By addressing specific needs, quickly and effectively, you can incrementally build tight, clean, modular systems that provide value immediately. Get exactly the data management and analysis elements you want.

SynApp2 is proving itself as a solid, effective tool for businesses and universities.

Tap the power of MySQL and Oracle® Database systems. Download SynApp2 today.

Try SynApp2 for yourself. Or, contact us – so we can give you a jumpstart on your next project.

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Richard is the creator of SynApp2 and founder of
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