SynApp2 – what is it?

SynApp2 is a development tool that generates database-backed web applications by processing your schema definition and producing the web pages used to manage your data. You will deploy solid, useful applications in almost no time. Value begins accruing immediately. Power and simplicity combine to rapidly produce applications that are reliable, supportable and that meet your needs.

SynApp2 provides a remarkable alternative to spreadsheets and standalone databases for collecting and manipulating data. Tabular reports round out your applications and put needed information at your clients’ fingertips.

Perhaps the most remarkable benefit of SynApp2 is how fast you and your clients can be working with relational data. You can use SynApp2 to refine your data models. You can almost feel your designs take shape. It’s difficult to put into words just how much SynApp2 does, and for so little effort. While SynApp2 is highly customizable, there are many standard behaviors that apply themselves without you having to lift a finger.

Supported by relational databases engines, such as MySQL, Oracle and (soon) others, you’ll have the power of your favorite system conveniently harnessed for immediate work. SynApp2 leverages Web 2.0 technologies to produce pleasing, consistent GUI and program flow. The combination of standards compliant (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript, coupled with PHP via AJAX, is an open platform virtually anyone and everyone can build on. SynApp2 is an ideal fit. SynApp2 is open, compact, efficient and compatible with the tools and technologies you’re using now. Use it with confidence.

If you’re responsible for creating interactive applications that manage relational data, you won’t want to be without SynApp2 in your toolbox.

About Richard Howell

Richard is the creator of SynApp2 and founder of
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